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Fleur de Lis: Facing Morning. Orig. 1st. Press.


KunstnerFleur de Lis
TitelFacing Morning. Orig. 1st. Press.
KatalognummerQS 403 SLP
PrisBID kr.
BeskrivelseExtremely Rare Orig. Press. The holy grail of danish progressive/psychedelic rock! Very few copies exists nowadays! Made in only 153 copies back in 1971 (Reference: Fleur de Lis)!

Provenance: Fleur de Lis bassist Peder Pedersens copy (with his name on front cover and a-side label).

Rated 6-star rarity in Rare Danish Rock Albums 1958-1977.


Vinyl: Side A
Visual condition is in fine Very Good+ condition with some small scuff marks - possibly from handling the vinyl - and some ultrafine hairlines. The playing condition is Very Good to Excellent with moderate background noise/crackle mainly in opening tracks and quiet passages. No skips or jumps.

Vinyl: Side B
Visual condition is Very Good+ with a few ultrafine hairlines and some small scuff marks - possibly mainly from handling.
Playing condition is Very Good to Excellent with moderate background noise/crackle mainly in quiet passages and a few clicks. No skips or jumps.

Sleeve: The fragile and paperthin sleeve is in exceptional fine condition, possible the best I have ever seen! No ringwear at all and only light edgewear - no flaws or any parts missing - but a tiny mark occurs on front.

Labels: Labels are in fine Excellent/Near Mint condition without spindle marks.


Leif Nielsen: Vocal, guitar, clavinet
Kai Olesen: Drums
Svend Thomsen: Organ
Bjarne Pedersen: Guitar
Peder Pedersen: Bass

Kai Toft: Technician


Home of Minds
Har I set
Facing Morning
In Love
Bad Loser
Sympathetic Attitude
Genrerock, progressive-rock, rarebookings rare records, scandinavian progressive-rock, danish-rock, rare scandinavia, pokora rated album, psychedelic-rock, psychedelia, garage,
Pladens standVery good plus (VG+)
Coverets standExcellent(EX)
Label standExcellent(EX)
Internt nummerH103297

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